CACenturyFarms Questionnaire

Please complete all information to the best of your ability. 

Full name of pioneering family member: __________________________
When/where born: ______________________________________
Usual business/occupation (If other than farming): ________________________

Spouse(s)/marriage date(s) 



Year arrived in California: _________________________
How arrived? (ship, train, wagon train, etc.): ____________________________

Sketch of life and accomplishments. Tell us about their legacy/significant events in their life:



When/where did they die:


Year arrived in their county and from where? Do you know what brought them to the County? 


Farm Information (What did they grow? What do you grow now? Tell us about the transformation of the property. Location, size & name of original farm)



Original address: __________________________________________________
Current address: __________________________________________________

Other information/history that you would like noted? ______________________________________________________________________________

Submitted by:

*Many Century Farmers include a family tree. While this is optional, it is extremely appreciated.

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